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    Progetto LIFE+ TIB 2020 – IV

    Aggiornamento sulla funzionalità dei passaggi faunistici a 5 anni dalla conclusione del Progetto LIFE+ TIB Tasso di cattura giornaliero (Catch per unit effort – Cpue) Ritmi circadiani Riferimenti bibliografici Clevenger A.P., Waltho N., 2005. Performance indices to identify attributes of highway crossing structures facilitating movement of large mammals. Biological Conservation. 121: 453-464. Foster, M.L., and Humphrey, S. R. 1995. Use of underpasses by Florida panthers and other wildlife. Wildlife Society Bulletin 23, 95–100. Hunt, A., Dickens, N., and Whelan, R.J. 1987. Movement of mammals through tunnels under railway lines. Australian Zoologist 24, 89–93. Mata, C., Hervas, I., Herranz, J., Suárez, F., and Malo, J.E. 2005. Complementary use by vertebrates of…

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